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You MUST turn off GPS when you reach Rapid City

Since cell phone service is sporadic as you travel in the Black Hills, you will want to print and keep these directions available as you travel.


To avoid going into Keystone and then through the tight narrow tunnels on Iron Mountain Road, you MUST follow these directions.

Directions to Elk Haven -

  • From I-90 to 79 South

  • Follow Hwy 79 South about 17 miles (past Hermosa and the Corner Pantry truck stop)

  • Turn right on Hwy 36 and choose one of the following options:

Option 1: Travel 4.5 miles on Hwy 36. Turn right onto Ghost Canyon Road and go 8 miles on this gravel road, until you come to a T-intersection. Turn left onto Playhouse Rd and go 3/4 mile to another T-intersection. Turn left onto Hwy 16A/Iron Mountain Road and go 1 mile. Elk Haven Horse Camp will be on your left hand side. Ghost Canyon Road is a wide gravel road, with less traffic and fewer sharp turns.

Option 2: Travel 9 miles on Hwy 36. Turn right on Hwy 16A/Iron Mountain Road, and go about 7 miles, Elk Haven will be on your right hand side. This hard surface road goes through Custer State Park and does have several tight turns. Ignore the warning sign about tunnels, since we are located before you reach these.

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