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Elk Haven Horse Camp was established in 1939 by Elis Albery and two of his sons, Vern and Vergil.  Back then it was called the Iron Mountain Cafe.  The Albery's were successful in a time it was difficult to make a living.  A little while later they constructed four single room cabins and a wash/shower house.  In the off season, Mr. Albery would trap and guide elk and deer hunts and board the hunters in the cabins.  The Albery's also sold milk, cream, butter, chickens and eggs all year round.  

The camp is now owned by Josh and Jackie Stuart.  They purchased Elk Haven in 2021.  They both come from horse backgrounds and are also quite entrepreneurial.  Jackie has a business she started many years ago braiding custom horse halters.  Her business has expanded in to making mohair cinches and breast collars.  These are quality products that have provided her a loyal clientele .

Josh is quite a jack of all trades.  He has been a leatherworker, making anything for your horse, but also gun holsters, knife sheaths, saddle repairs, belts, chaps/chinks.  He is also a farrier, providing services to the camp and seasoned maintenance professional keeping the camp in tip top running shape! 

The Stuart family has been working with horses their whole lives, kids included.  They break and train all of their own horses.  And when they have time, they take in outside horses for training and have many happy customers. 

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