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Horse trails

  • Countless horse trails with incredible scenery and wildlife

  • Mt Rushmore - 4 hours by horseback or 25 minutes by car

  • Custer State Park

  • Black Hills National Forest

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covered deck

Hang out on the covered deck with wooden rocking chairs and picnic tables.

WIFI is available at the store and on the deck!

  • Clean Showers

  • Bathroom Stalls

  • Laundry Facility



  • General Store - supplies, snacks, toiletries, beer, soda, ice & more

  • Gift Store - t-shirts, cards, hats, books, and much more!

  • Café - serving breakfast & lunch - click the menu button below to see our menu         (price & items subject to change without notice)

  • Thursday Night - Rib night - reservations required by Sunday!

pay phone.jpg

pay phone

One of the most popular attractions at the camp is the pay phone.

Unfortunately it no

longer works. 


Cell service in the Hills is very limited.

There is WIFI available at the store and on the deck.

shower house

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